Obtaining The Internship (2)

I’m an upper junior and this is my third year being in City Tech. COMD 4900 is a senior class but I asked myself, “Why, wait?” I want to gain some design experience and it will look good on my resume. During the Spring semester, I made a LinkedIn profile, updated my portfolio website, and redesigned my resume. I applied 45+ internships on LinkedIn, Chegg, and Internship Coordinate Site. One of the internships that I applied for is well-known companies. One of the internships that I applied for on the college website was located next to Grand Central Station.

I received two emails from two start-up companies that are branched to a big company. One of the companies the president sent a zoom link so I can discuss who I am, my portfolio, and my creative process. She was impressed by my designs and I tried not to get my hopes up though. I asked her when will I receive an answer if I get hired or not for this graphic design intern position. She said I’ll receive an answer a week after this interview. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job but that didn’t stop me from applying to more internships. Three weeks after, I got another message from a start-up business from the big company. The hiring manager asked for my phone number to have a phone interview. This was my first time doing a phone interview and it was a great experience because I wasn’t being looked at by the manager. I like the manager, he had a positive attitude and fun to talk to. After the interview was done he asked if I can design a layout with a QR code to see how I work.

I applied for an internship that is in my college and I was pleased to get two recommendation letters from my two favorite professors. May 28 was approaching and I haven’t heard anything from the internships that I applied for. I wanted to give up because I won’t be able to have time to inform my scholar advisor that I’ll be taking a summer class so my scholarship can cover my summer tuition. I emailed the hiring manager if there’s an update on the position. He said they’re waiting for two more interns to send the designs that were assigned to do.

There was a music business that we’re looking for graphic design interns and I hope I get hired. This company focuses on branding singers, musicians, and producers. I’m a songwriter and music lover. Using my graphic design skills to advertise music is one of my goals to get hired as a full-time designer but I didn’t get the job.  Then I got a notification about 11 pm from my City Tech email. Professor Goetz published another internship position and it was a small business.

In the morning, I sent my resume, cover letter, and portfolio without hesitation. After a few hours, I got an email from the President of the internship saying when am I available for a zoom interview, when can I start, and what semester will receive the internship credit? I sent her a message answering all of her questions and she sent a zoom link.

The next day, she tells me who she is and about her small business. I told her about myself and my design experience. She showed me what she was designing on the computer and I mentioned some comments to make her design look better. After she was about to leave, I asked her if I got the internship? She said, “Yeah, welcome to the family.” I was relieved and able to inform my scholar advisor before May 28. Also, I emailed the last manager that I got an internship and he apologized that he took forever. I had the opportunity to ask him if we can connect to LinkedIn and he said, “Sure!” My journey on applying to internships was a hell of a ride. 

Image Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/guide/how-to-get-an-internship/