Finale (7)

My internship journey was a hell of a ride. At first, I was nervous because I never worked with a supervisor and interns in the design industry. I had the fear of making mistakes like typos and technical difficulties. I did come across those mistakes, I made a few typos on a menu board and my supervisor informed me to double-check the spelling before handing it in. What’s even worse is if I didn’t check the spelling and my supervisor didn’t check it, it would be too late to change it when it’s in production, the client would be unhappy. It would be my fault. There were technical difficulties when I was using Adobe Software. When I was making my first digital menu board in After Effects,  I couldn’t export the animation as an MP4. I went on Youtube to see how I can solve this.  The videos weren’t helping at all, I decided to download After Effects and Media Encoder on my MacBook Pro because I have the Adobe software saved in my flash drive. When After Effects and Media Encoder were on my laptop, I tried to export the clip as an MP4 and it worked! I was relieved and proud of myself for solving my own problems. Having internships gives a whole different experience in the design field. It’s normal to be nervous on the first day of your dream job. Once, you made it through the day, week, or month you’ll feel secure in your job. The best part of being a graphic designer is it doesn’t feel like work.

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