Closer to the giving

Well hello, hello

I love this time of year because there are so many causes and events and celebrations going on. And with the hectic world we live in today we need some relief somewhere and November is the month for it.

Thanksgiving to me is one of the best holidays, not because of all the food, but what comes with it; Family, Friends and Love. Sappy I know!

But also…. Great events to share!

tonight at the King’s theatre in Brooklyn the So You Think You Can Dance finalist will be performing

also tonight there will be a “Taste the City Best” event  at the New York Taste, this will be some top chefs and top mixologists in the city/country all under one roof

Tonight The New York Comedy Festival starts  and will be until the 15th of this month.

and the list of events goes on. For a full list of events for the month send me an email.

School and work are pretty hectic and stressful, and the meltdown I was talking about in the first semester has occurred and subsided. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and the end of the semester.

Till we meet again