And I am back…

Hey everyone! ( waving hand emoji)

so the semester has started and we are currently in week 3.  I am pretty excited about the semester lots of fun classes, and of course lots and lots of work to be done. yes there will probably be a breakdown towards week 8 but Ill over come that when we get there.

This semester I have Professor Shapiro for Research Seminar. At first it was a bit nerve wrecking because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to research. Over the break I had come across Blue Zones and became very interested in it because its all about long living and how they do it. I knew I wanted to incorporate Blue zones into my research but how? After long thoughts and some research and talks with my professor and friends I have decided my topic.

Topic. Mediterranean diets and restaurants in NYC

Problem: How can a restaurant promote a healthy meal around a table of loved ones?

Solution: Create a tasting menu for a group of friends and offer suggestive topics for the table to talk about. Educate staff on why this is important and explain blue zones.

I have yet to find a perfect thesis because I still have to narrow and tweak my topic, but it’ll be somewhere around there…

Until next time friends.