HW for Tue (9/17)

In Packet I (not the packet we’ve been reading out of so far), read Namwali Serpell’s “Triptych: Texas Pool Party” (pp. 53-60).  As you read Serpell’s narrative, I want you to think about 2 things: how does Serpell play/experiment with the perspective (and how might you do this in your essay)?  What is the conflict at the center of this narrative—and through what details does Serpell highlight this conflict?

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  1. In Namwali Serpell’s  intriguing narrative, “Triptych: Texas Pool Party”, she mainly talks about the summer and what the majority of people would do during summer days. She mainly though, focuses on a specific event,which is a birthday cookout. Serpell is very descriptive when telling this story, as it’s coming from her perspective. she uses words like “we”, “our” and etc to let the readers know. Anyhow, she uses every single detail as possible to be descriptive while telling her story. For example, on page 53 in the very first paragraph, she writes what she observes.she says, ” everybody rolls up looking real fine, fresh from the barbershop, fly from the beauty shop”. Seeing how,Serpell  provides the readers with so much details while being descriptive at the same time, encourages me to do the same when writing my creative pedagogy. Anyhow, continuing on reading the narrative, the first conflict the readers stumbled upon is racism. The narrator and her friends minding their own business by the poolside but, cant help and over hear the racist and stereotypical remarks they hear about them( Black people). Their friend Grace though, is white and she, in no doubt feels uncomfortable and disgusted by having to watch her friends go through that. Serpell, highlights this conflict by, once again being as descriptive as she can be.

  2. Namwali Serpell’s, “Triptych: Texas Pool Party”, she mostly talks about how people spend their summer, her main focus was on a birthday cookout and the event leading up to the altercation.she is a very picturesque writer. For example, on page 55 “Our bodies in and out of the pool, hanging on the edge, dangling over. The chlorine air, the blue sky above almost shamed by the blue of the pool. There’s this scrawny dog running around, barking at us. Fucking racist dog.”  this creates an image of a poolside  scene but the police are keeping an eye on their activity, when they’re not doing anything wrong.People always got something to say and put stereotype label. her writing make me went to improve on being able to express a image through words.

  3. In “Namwali  Serpell’s: text “Triptych: Texas Pool Party”, They are there to hangout and enjoy the time like people do these are children exploring new relationships, races, may be coming in contact with alot of ignorant people. Go figure this would be the day the will weigh heavy on their minds for the rest of there lives. When people are stripped to the core  of their innocence at a very young age, it will rattle them for the rest of our lives.

  4. In Namwali Serpell’s “Triptych: Texas Pool Party”, Serpell play/experiments with the perspective in a way which he gave three different point of views in the story. Now a triptych is a work of art or any kind of work that is divided into three sections. In my opinion, I believe that Serpell was playing with his perspectives into three ways. She wrote it in the cop, cousin of the victim and the victim’s point of view to show all angles and description happening. However, she uses “we” and “us” in her story which makes the reader believe she was there. One of the conflicts that occurred was the nasty remarks made by white civilians sitting beside the pool towards a group of colored teens. Another major conflict was a black teen getting manhandled and tackled by a white officer for no reason. This innocent girl will be torn for the rest of her life knowing that a person that was supposed to protect and serve, did the opposite.

  5. Namwali Serpell’s “Triptych: Texas Pool Party”piece for me was somewhat confusing. Descriptive but still confusing. It was mainly about a pool party that was disrupted by a disagreement between a young adult and an elderly slightly prejudice woman. It alluded heavily to racism as well as ageism. My narrative was similar to this only because it was saturated with descriptive words but differed in the clarity and plot.

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