8 thoughts on “Feedback for Symone”

  1. You definitely gave us an authentic definition of being a true friend. Definitely sent us a message about choosing the right person to be friends with and how quick anyone can change.

  2. Some confusing writing in the beginning, maybe proof reading or having someone reread it can make it more obvious. But great message about friends and how about people in general have the potential to hold you back. There’s a lesson to be learned from your perspective and the perspective of Camille.

  3. It was interesting to see how you learned from watching someone else’s experience and how it looked from your point of view.I wish we were able to get things from her point of view and why she did things that way, if she was really smart.It would be nice if you could include where she is today and if she’s doing well.Overall this essay was really good and it was nice seeing things from a 3rd person perspective.

  4. It’s really great sharing this story, not that it informs us but it also teaches us on how to be careful when choosing friends. If you can just fix up the introduction a little bit because it kind of confused me.

  5. It was well written and inspirational. It lets us know to be careful when choosing friends and also to be grateful for the ones that check up on you and show you love.

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