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For the shoe shoot I decided to use my leather wingtip boot. I placed it on a few pieces of wooden floor tiles with a painted finish. i only moved the shoe five times, the light I moved much more. The most interesting shots were the few where the light was placed behind the shoe and the boot was in a back lite environment.  It was so much of an ominous feel. The second best shots were when I had the light placed below the front of the shoe, the feel of that was mysterious.



for this assignment, I chose to photograph a soccer. I like this shoe because of the colors and the overall the design. all black on top with blue and pink on the bottom, to make it more stand out. With the huge Nike swoosh in the middle. I had pretty fun with photo shoot. Playing around with the lights on different angles gave me great photos in the end. 12420560785_7e0d59cdd4_s




For this shoot I decided to photograph a womans high heel. The photo I posted above was my favorite photo from the shoot. The background was not originally black; I isolated the shoe and grayscaled the background because I felt like the gray background would really bring out the color of the base of the shoe. The biggest problem I came across was lighting. On a lot of my photos, it was really hard to get non-blurry dark photos. I was going for a sexy kind of look which is why I chose to photograph in the dark with spotlights, but this photo was my favorite from the daylight photos.


A Shoe

For this assignment, I chose to photograph a new shoe that I haven’t worn yet. I chose a black leather Steve Madden boot with silver buckles. I felt as though this boot had a lot of potential. There’s a lot going on and I figured that at every angle I could manage to make my shots look very different; maybe even abstract. I moved my boot around three or four times-this way I could photograph my boot from different sides. It was a little difficult getting used to the camera but after the first few shots, my hand stopped trembling and my shots became clear and not no longer blurred. Also, some shots I took were unflattering at times; you couldn’t even tell that they were pictures of a boot. As I moved one of the clamp lights, which was directly above my subject, I noticed how much the focus of light changed on my boot. Although I moved the light just two or three times, I noticed what a difference it made on what areas were specifically lit up.


For this shoot I use my DIY studio I use a soccer shoe and directed the light in as many different ways as I could. This shoot was a little hard due to the light being a little bigger than the shoe it seem as some of the shots come out similar even if the light was in different sports. I corrected the white balance on photoshop as my camera wasn’t cooperating with the light. The detail on the front of the shoe was the most interesting part of the composition.








The second homework is base on the sneakers with a few colors suchas blue, white and orange  to make a simple sneaker look better depending on the position on the light or the position of the camera. This is one sample of the sneaker in different position getting the light from the top side of the sneaker to enhance the color at the end of the sneaker. In ohter images since I move the light away the sneaker dark color was even more darker than the original  position.So I think that I catch the qualitie on the sneaker in this image and the rest.


Hw2 Shoe

For my shoe photo shot, I picked my niece’s Converse. I though it looked nice and had a brighter color/ quite cool color in my opinion. The more I moved the foam board closer to it. The light wasn’t much trouble. But it took me some minutes to manually adapt my camera into the new settings. And the result was this shoe =).