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When I was looking at the photographs, I noticed the different and creative ways photographers were able to make their images similar to a painting or as if it was use with Adobe Photoshop software. This MoMA exhibit, A World of Its Own showed me various effects that people can do in a studio by just using lighting, reflections, colors, and their subjects. I learned how over exposure and using different media can help have a positive affect by keeping the image interesting.

Two specific works that captured my interest and inspires me would be Construct NYC 17 by Barbara Kasten. I really love her work because she made it looked like an illusion. When I was looking at this piece, I was wondering what she had used to make the image so engaging. I discovered that she might have used different objects such as mirrors. I started looking over her other pieces and noticed that she uses several of different obstacles and the lighting and reflection, makes her photographs look so amazing.

Another photographer I really liked was Michele Abeles. I felt like her work of art looks so much like collage work where pieces of pattern and typography are cut out and pasted in an organized way. I really love the colors she used, it made the photograph look more lively and fun. She put the strips of paper in a well-thought out manner that makes the pieces unify.
In my own experience as a studio photographer, I’ve realized the great helps that tracing paper does so that the lighting doesn’t look harsh on my objects. When I used mirrors I was able to mimic lights to get lighting from various angles. Looking at the photographs of MoMA it inspired me to look at photography as a medium for art. I discovered the different ways to experiment in my home studio.

In the article, “When a Form Is Given Its Room to Play” by Roberta Smith talks about the exhibit concentrating more on images taken in a photo studio rather than outdoors. This allows the artist to have total control. A photo studio is like a “playground” the photographers are able to play with subject, background, lighting, and etc. The exhibition is assigned with separate themes, while they all experiment the unique ways of the medium. One postmodern work of art that Smith discusses is, Valerie Belin’s mannequin photograph. Smith states, “beautiful mannequin that, while fake, looks alive”. I agree with her statement, when I first saw it I thought a photograph of a woman, but when I looked closely you could see how her eyes look painted. I began to think it was photoshop but then realized it was a mannequin. To conclude, I really liked this exhibition it was very fascinating and influential.

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  1. rmichals

    It is interesting that you picked out Barbara Kasten and Michele Abeles. I think their work is related. While Abeles work is flatter and uses bright color and Kasten’s work is more abstract, composition is the most important thing in the work of both photographers.


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