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The toys project was actually very fun to shoot. For me, the sad portion was harder to shoot than the happy part. Most turned out to be more creepy rather than sad. Lighting was again an issue (like with the shoe project), because I wound up with a lot of blurry, dark photos.  I honestly had multiple favorites and could not settle on my favorite photo from the bunch. The happy shots were taken with aided daylight and the sad shots were taken at night. I also moved my home studio so that my red wall would be the background as opposed to my closet curtain.


I chose to do my rose shoot with a dead rose, because I figured it would very different from the rest of the groups. The absolute hardest part, which I did not discover until halfway through the photo shoot, is trying to make a happy mood with a dead flower. Instead, I re-did the beginning of my shoot and I tried to make it interesting rather than happy, because happy wasn’t translating. I also did not use any miscellaneous objects so it would be kept simple, and took some loose petals to add to the sad part of the photo shoot.




For this shoot I decided to photograph a womans high heel. The photo I posted above was my favorite photo from the shoot. The background was not originally black; I isolated the shoe and grayscaled the background because I felt like the gray background would really bring out the color of the base of the shoe. The biggest problem I came across was lighting. On a lot of my photos, it was really hard to get non-blurry dark photos. I was going for a sexy kind of look which is why I chose to photograph in the dark with spotlights, but this photo was my favorite from the daylight photos.





For this week’s assignment I use a Russian doll where I set up the light to create a sad feeling. I set the doll in different ways to create first a few family style photographs that reflect a portrait of an old style family and then something to reflect a tragedy with parts of the doll everywhere.

Valerien Yepes – Childhood

I felt that this homework assignment, was pretty difficult. I used different kind of lightings, but it was hard to get them in a certain mood from the expressions on their face. I found it easier to use a darker lighting set and using side lighting to make it the emotion sad and lonely. When I did the ten photographs of the happy stuffed animal, I made sure to use a lot of lighting and emphasize on his body figure and face.

Valerien Yepes - Childhood

Example: Neglected Childhood

Childhood – Arianna B.


In this assignment, I believe the light helped a lot to communicate the mood. I tried using a small mirror as the reflector to give emphasis on the eyes or one of the stuffed animals  but its hard to tell in my photos. I also had an issue with removing the yellow from some of the photos because my camera doesn’t have the setting of tungsten light. But I did move the light around a couple of times to help communicate the mood between good and bad. I definitely will shoot again to get more photos without the yellow coloring.


For this assignment, I used four different stuffed animals to try and convey happy and sad. I felt that doing this assignment at home how was a little harder than I expected. I think this was the case because in class we had our group mates to help us with the placement and set of the toys. At home, we didn’t and so that made it a bit harder for me to try and control the stuffed animals with one hand while taking pictures with the other. I first completed the negative versions of my pictures; I faced both clamp lights away from the subjects. After, when I shot the positive pictures, I faced the clamp light above directly on the stuffed animals.

HW3: A Rose is a Rose Diellza Kasimi

This assignment was lots of fun. I moved my table by the window that had the curtains and used it for the background. On the table I placed a pillow that was soft and had a color that looked great with the red rose. I had three lights that I used to achieve this effect that I was quite happy with it. I would love to hear honest opinions and comments from classmates and the teacher.


Homework 3


The challenge in this homework was to create happy and sad emotions with the use of the flower and the light. I choose this one because I think that shows that clean happy motion trought the vertical steam and the brightness colors at the top make the iamge happy.