DIY Studio

My DIY home studio was in my opinion the most makeshift a home studio could get. The only material is used were a stool that was roughly 3 feet tall, four pieces of foam core, two black and two white, rectangular hardwood floor tiles which I had applied a finish to them, and a tube fluorescent light, tape and push pins. I would put a white or black piece of foam core on the stool depending on the projects look; then I would put another piece at the back of the first at a perpendicular angle soi could clean the background, they stood perfectly because I used push pins. Following that I would hang the fluorescent light in certain places around the object to get the lighting effect I needed.

This was a good setup because it was sort of portable, in a few shots I moved into my living room at night where I had no light except the fluorescent, which I consider my key light. In other shoots I placed the setup near my couch where I had a window and could use a little bit of natural light.  The wooden floor tiles came in pretty handy when I did the shoe photo project. I placed a few tiles on the foam core then put the shoe on the tiles and I used a leather wingtip so the combination was perfect.

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