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Glass drop

I love this image, this image shows an interesting shape with the water splashing and something is dropping into the glass. The color of the green gives an interesting feeling. The drop of the item seems to show a goldfish … Continue reading

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Still Lights

This image is my favorite because of the high contrast with the lights reflecting the pineapple. This image gives me a party feeling and it went to Vegas  and never came back. Dancing with the lights gives the pineapple a … Continue reading

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Childhood Light

The lighting contrast of this image shows a low contrast. The darkness surrounding them gives an evil vibe. Something with peer pressure. This image shows the effect that lighting can change the mood in an instant.

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Egg Lighting

The Lighting we used was continuous light. In this photo the lighting is diffused and has a lens glare on it. This image shows a unique since of different lighting from the hard light of the other images. This image … Continue reading

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Hw Photography Exhibit

During the class trip we went to a few different photography galleries. I have learn that not only photography is used to keep memories, but it gives a feeling, an expression for the photographer and the audience. The New York … Continue reading

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Hw-DIY Studio

When making this studio, I had many problems to face; ranging from how I will afford a stance for my backdrop to choosing  my substitute for lightening. The area I live doesnt have the resources I would need for this … Continue reading

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LL3 Portrait Lighting

This image shows a lot of direct lighting. The side light gives a dynamic shadow for Ira’s face. I love the expression of taking a selfie, it gives a candid feeling.

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LL2 – Scavenger Hunt List

This image uses shallow depth of field. This image also shows the center of composition. The color brings an interesting feel compare to the grey lightening as the background.

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Hw1- Honda Tim Wallace

As the art director of Honda. The sales weren’t going as quite as we expected. So for our next issue of cars.  We wanted something interesting, something new, something innovating. So Honda team created the Honda FCX  clarity, the fuel … Continue reading

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