Hw-DIY Studio

When making this studio, I had many problems to face; ranging from how I will afford a stance for my backdrop to choosing  my substitute for lightening. The area I live doesnt have the resources I would need for this studio.  I was looking around my house trying to find something for lighting, until I came across my father’s lanterns; he keeps them just in case of a blackout.  I taped two transparent papers on the lanterns because the lanterns had transparent lines around it. Another source of lightening is my phone’s flashlight.  I used my cats cardboard box, and taped white printing paper around the box. My tripod for now is a stack of books until I can afford a small tripod sometime this week. I have a small mirror in my kitchen that will also help me with reflection. This took me about an hour to fix together. I took a few pictures with my camera to see how it would look, and this is one of the shots.


My mom helped me with the lightening that is shining down the object. I feel like this is a good example of the studio work. This studio didn’t cost anything, I used most of my items at home.


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