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DIY Home Studio

Well this is my DIY studio, specifically; this is my second one after having one complete failure. My first try on the home studio was not working as I wanted to work, in addition, I did not have a really … Continue reading

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Multiple Exposures

This is my favorite photograph from today’s shoot because of the whole composition of it. First the image is really busy and the subject is covering the whole frame. Also working with multiple exposures, makes the subject looking more interesting. … Continue reading

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I really like this photograph because of the composition of it. It is simple and with the motion of the water shows an attractive. The lighting in the background can improve and we could get a really nice white background. … Continue reading

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Personal Best; Dole.

              I really like this photo because of the dark tone to it. The pineapple is the main subject but the ambient lighting gives it a dark feeling. Also represents gives a sense of … Continue reading

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Lighting, Inverse Square Law.

            This is my personal best photograph, I really like this photograph because of the feeling behind the shot. We have the lion as if it was punished by someone, it gives a sense of … Continue reading

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The Egg

I really like this photograph because we used a back light setting; also the camera was set up at a high angle so that we can define the two figures because of the lighting.  This gives the image certain dark … Continue reading

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Chelsea, Photo Exhibitions..

Today was a different day, we as a class got to know different expressions of photography. This is really helpful and help us more to comprehend about current photographers and how their work is relevant and engaging. First, the exhibition … Continue reading

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More on Composition

I like the composition of this photograph, I think the little addition of color makes it a bit interesting to look at, also the color is not too bright and gives the photograph a feeling of sadness. Also it focuses … Continue reading

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