DIY Home Studio


Well this is my DIY studio, specifically; this is my second one after having one complete failure. My first try on the home studio was not working as I wanted to work, in addition, I did not have a really good light source and a tripod in order to make my shoots. In this version of my home studio I used a computer box and I also have different cut outs of foam-core and presentation board of different colors. I placed on a chair in the middle of my room, because I really did not have a dedicated space for it, but at end I figured how to place the clamp lights and the tripod and the camera. It’s a little low and I feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but after I just started using the timer in the camera to avoid crouching in every shot. I plan to use it in the future for any projects that required product shot, its perfect for it and can play around with the lighting and the contrast using the camera settings.

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