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Multiple Exposures

I like this one. This had light onto the subject’s face. While the light was flicking, the subject moved but stop when it was dark.

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Water Show

  I like this one because it creates an image. How it was done was trying to swirl the water around in the glass and shot it up before the shutter went off.

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Still life

I like this photo because the background flashlight created lightning along with fire-like light around the pineapple with some light on the pineapple itself.

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Lighting and Contrasting

I like the lighting here because it makes the subject more sinister and suspicious. The contrast of light and dark on the subject also creates a dramatic and sly characteristic on the toy.

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Personal best of Egg

I like this photo because of the lighting. the lighting is coming from across the table and it gives off this heavenly atmosphere and a sense of camouflage to the white paper. The light was focused and the light dimmed … Continue reading

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Gallery Review

The first photographer is Sebastiao Salgado and his exhibit or his group of photos is called “The Eye of the Photojournalist” and it was taken in the early 1990s. It depicts a story of these group of people, in black … Continue reading

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Direct/Diffused light

I personally like this photo because there is direct light with a little fill light. The main light is directly on the cheek bone and the entire right side.

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Low Angle

I like this photo because it’s more focus on the middle switch than the rest. It’s a close-up shot so we can see it with more details and it seems better when it’s at a low angle than a high … Continue reading

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Clint Clemens

My goal for the campaign is to have the car being stylish, slick, fast and eco-friendly while having a natural background like the city, or a highway. So I chose Clent Clemens for the campaign because of his use of … Continue reading

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Nicolas Duers

The style of the image has a dramatic with suspense kind of atomsphere when you look at it. The subject has some sidelit along with some glowing light coming from the jewels. It also has high contrast and low key … Continue reading

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