Clint Clemens

My goal for the campaign is to have the car being stylish, slick, fast and eco-friendly while having a natural background like the city, or a highway. So I chose Clent Clemens for the campaign because of his use of blur to show speed while still showing the quality of the car.

Alive_3_XFR_DPS_GEE copyAlive_3_DPS_XF copy

I select this photographer over the two because most of his work are outside, where it would feel natural like it should be. His work mostly shows scenery as a primary thing with a subject as secondary because he wants to show how natural and the beauty of it. The texture of the car is emphasized with the light coming from the back and on onto the car because. Backlit is shown in the photography along with glowing light on the car. There is a high contrast on the car with full scale tone. The image of the car is sharp compared to it’s surrounding to give it more hierarchy. It has a extensive depth of field from the car to the sunset. It is, of course, eye-level but it could also be unusual point of view because the image is oblique. The image has a deep space along with an extended perspective because of the angle of the camera to the car and the background.

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