This is my “do it yourself studio” which consists of my lamp as my main light source, my lava lamp as a side light source, art books as backgrounds, game cases as a tripod and a flash light. The lamp was my bread and butter for this entire process since the lamp itself was highly powerful. The lava lamp, providing it’s side light really helped harmonize some of my photographs due to it’s bluish green color, it worked well with the sunlight light of the lamp. In terms of backgrounds, I kept it simple with just the back of my art books which were brown and sometimes I switched it up and used the pages for a white background and my boards as my black backgrounds. Lastly since I don’t own a tripod I had to improvise and use my video game cases, since I have literally dozens of them I was about to mimic a tripod by placing my camera upon them. I honestly did not expect to get great results out of these tools but they turned out great, which in the end made this a fantastic and rewarding experience overall.

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