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This is my “do it yourself studio” which consists of my lamp as my main light source, my lava lamp as a side light source, art books as backgrounds, game cases as a tripod and a flash light. The lamp was … Continue reading

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Motion Picture

Today in class we did stop motion photography, which allowed us to get a wide range of interesting photographs. I believe this picture was my personal best of the day mainly because of the strangeness of it. Since I took … Continue reading

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Liquid Art

Today in class we photographed liquids in various ways to create interesting images. By capturing the liquid in motion my group and I were able to create dynamic photographs. The photo I chose is my personal best because of the … Continue reading

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Inverse Square Law

Today in class we learned about the inverse square law, and practiced it on stuffed animals as subjects. A heavy emphasis was placed upon contrast to illustrate different emotions within the subjects. The picture I chose was my personal favorite … Continue reading

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Egg Project

Today in class we learned about manipulating basic lighting on an egg as our subject. This was a great lesson as it stressed the importance of light upon a subject and how controlling that lighting drastically alters the photograph. One … Continue reading

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Best photo

I believe this picture I took was my best for the day mainly because of the different levels of values it illustrates. Due to the shadows being diffused, it cast very soft shadows upon the subject’s face.

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Up Close Scavenger Hunt List

I feel that this picture is my personal best mainly because of the various ranges of contrast. The low key shadows and dark colors really gives the photograph a certain uneasy mood/feeling, which then makes the red handle standout. To … Continue reading

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The Honda FCX Clarity is a highly sleek and “classy” looking vehicle. For a campaign for this car, one would need to capitalize upon it’s strengths, which are mainly it’s very modern design.  Each photograph should make the car “pop” … Continue reading

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Nicolas Duers

Nicolas Duers is a great photographer that prefers to photograph objects,  such as clothing accessories for instance. He lets the object portray it’s own story, by using various photographic techniques.  For example on his website under “personal” he took a … Continue reading

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