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DeJean T. – Journal 7

Getting acquainted with the pace of the printing business is something that is taking a bit of time to get a handle on, but I am getting a little better at it. My newest project is the same as I did on my first day a menu. Fortunately this time around I am a bit more familiar with handling the design of a menu and so I am able to work at a faster pase. Working on these allows me to get some feed back from my supervisor when it comes to choosing the right look for the client. I am given creative freedom to develop designs for a client so there isn’t too much brainstorming going in a time sensitive environment. After taking a good number of design classes, brainstorming is one technique that is frequently suggested and taught when coming up with a creative solution for our projects.

The article written by Jonah Lehrer stated that brainstorming, developed and introduced by Alex Osborn, doesn’t work. A Yale University study in 1958 took Osborn’s techniques to increase creativity to two separate groups. One group was told to work together to find a solution to a problem while the other group were individuals working alone to solve the same problem. The results were that the group of individuals came up with a more creative solution than the brainstorming group. The article went on to speak of having small conversations with people of different fields of study as to what could be the real essence of finding a creative solution and not just having one group dedicated to a specific field to generate creativeideas. I’m not saying it is not impossible, but it’s always good to have a different perspective at times.

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