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Journal #13

While work has wrapped up with SMI – or, at least I think work is finished with SMI. I’m still pushing out email blasts with Ressler. The latest was another Holiday email – this one with the variety of finishes that they carry for chairs. It’s interesting, the work that Ressler does. It really makes me root for them. They’re a small business, started by the current owner’s father. They import some chairs from Italy, some they make in house – and the fabric, the stains/finishes, the details on the chairs are completely up to customers. They have 2 guys working in the warehouse area of the office, building chairs and 2 office workers. They’ve been up and down businesswise – but I’d really love for them to succeed – because I feel that what they do is now so rare. I hardly see mom and pop shops, and especially rare are the shops with goods made from hand in the U.S.

I haven’t heard from SMI in some time. They last mentioned they wanted me to change their site by changing the navigation to just four links (In other words…they wanted me to delete quite a few pages). I created a mockup of this, then created the pages in HTML/CSS and uploaded them as links on my own site (I’ve found that this helps the Director really see what the pages would look like). I sent these to SMI, but am still waiting to hear on whether to proceed with uploading changes. My guess is that they won’t want these changes afterall.

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