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Journal Thirteen

Yesterday, December 3, I went into work for the full day. I had so much school work to do that I thought about saying I would come in later in the week instead, but I have been doing that so much lately, that I didn’t think it was the right thing to do.  In the morning I was given quite a bit of spraying and mounting to do, along with some scanning.  I really had a lot on my mind during the day with school, and spent some of the time working on that.  I spoke with one of the employees about a flyer he worked on.

I have been working a lot on some flyers and logos, and continue to try to get them ready for a portfolio.  I also have been trying, without a lot of success, to finish my Web Three site.  I have talked to the Professor a lot, but I feel like we spend lots of time obsessing over tiny details, and ignoring the fact that I have so much left to do, and little idea of how to do it.

I did finish coding the basic code for the JavaScript class, and I was happy about that.  I have coding at least two sites this semester, which is an improvement for me.  I still need to learn more about more advanced types of coding, and not stick with the simple basics.  I vastly prefer design over coding anyhow, though.

This job is not far from the end, and I guess it gives me a chance to reflect on what it was, and how I felt about it.  The people there were pretty nice, but I would have liked more to do.  It certainly wasn’t what I hoped it would be, though at the beginning all I really wanted was to not make a fool of myself.


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