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Learning As a Web Intern

It’s my second week as a web intern for the small business company at Sunshine Suites. My boss held a meeting with me and his client to discuss about the web mockups I have built. In this meeting, I and my boss spoke about the concepts and ideas that came about for the mockups that are simple, clean, and user-friendly for anybody visiting the site can understand. These included the images, colors, typography, navigation, and legibility for the site. After about an hour of discussion, my boss’s client was pleased with the mockups and definitely would like to see this in full when the mockups are complete. I was very excited to hear about this.

Most of the feedback they gave me about my web mockups were positive. I was very grateful to hear this since it took me a couple of days to have these mockups set and completed for this meeting. I did a ton of work doing these mockups and it was great to hear how much they liked them. However, this was only the beginning for me and working on these mockups. Now I have to include content and make changes to them so they match with the instructions that were given by my boss. These instructions included the images and navigation of how the mockups should look at final form. What I have was the bases of what it should look like; now I have to ensure to add the content, navigation, and other parts to them and have this finished as soon as possible. It is going to be rough trying to make these as perfect as possible to my boss’s liking but with enough confidence, I am sure to make my boss excessively proud of my work.

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