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7st Journal

Time pass fast, I am working the internship job with George more than a month already in L&L. I am excited to back to office every week, because I can learn different stuff from my intern. My supervisor is trying to assign different kinds of job to me, and I have learned different experience from it.

George asks me to do the research of Thailand, be preparing the coming project for next week. Therefore, I keep looking over via internet for it, saving image, and making notes. I feel I am a tourist goes to Thailand soon since I did a lot of research, like the culture, food, and attractions. I got all the information that I need after 3 days, then I do another research about the advertising of Thailand, l try to see how to do a good ads for Thailand. After I have done those, I still have half day left, so I decide to go to the sales department to watch what kind of questions that tourist will like to ask mostly. During the period time, I make a lot of notes, which can help me do some good ads for next week. After I back to my seat, George asked me to leave early, he said I have done a good job today. I was shocked since I feel I didn’t do anything yet. Somehow, I understand something.

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