I am a very warm-hearted person, kind and compassionate. I always stand up for the people in need including my clients. I am their advocate I fight for their rights. I make sure they would get the best care possible. My strength is excellent communication, I know how to talk to my patients, and most of all listen to them. Most of the time patients just need someone to listen to them, and I try very hard to give them that attention. It makes my job much easier, to listen and answer their questions this makes the patient less anxious and give me more time to focus on what I have to get done for them. Being a good listener is important because one can learn so much about their patient state of mind, if they are alert and oriented if they have some fear about their health, or worried about some procedures that they might have to get done. Some patients are being abused by their family, and they are afraid to tell this to anyone. Being a good listener can help the patient open up and talk about their abuse by family members, especially the older adults who depend on their children and grandchildren to help them. Part of effective listening is the effort to empathize with the person you’re speaking with. Whether or not you’re able to relate fully, your compassion won’t go unnoticed. Spend a moment putting yourself in their position, what’s going through their head and what it must be like for them to be in the position that they are in the right now. Being an attentive listener is very important and therapeutic for patients.