I believe I can make a difference in people’s life, it is imperative to me.  Some of the ethical values I hold are great patience, and an excellent patient advocate, and most of all I love to teach patients about their disease.  My beliefs and values are to take care of patients to the best of my ability, and even more by doing the extra mile for my patient.  I also believe there is a God watching over what you do and do not do for your patients, so when I go to bed I can sleep peacefully knowing that I did everything I was supposed to do for my fellow human being. I also believe, as nurses we should constantly ask ourselves if we are practicing to our utmost or are there anything else we can do for our patients.

I think we should treat our patients with great respect and dignity, because they were once someone that was providing some sort of services for our society or our country, they were not always this sick old person just lying in the bed. Also one day we might just be that sick old person and will need someone to know we pay our dues to society and now we are broken.  I love to care for my patient with great respect and dignity.  The theorist that I love the most is Jean Watson because she expressed caring in so many different ways.