The things that I have learned during my BSN is worth a lifetime.  It is so much more than just giving medication to patients, injections, IVs and dressing wounds.  I have grown more than I think I could mentally.  These past three years has taught me to be a better prepared nurse who can now think past the basic of nursing and into the bigger picture of nurses who went on to attain their NP and midwifery. Courses like Leadership allows me to work alongside a nursing supervisor and case workers and social workers, and to think and see things from their prospective.  I can now be able to take care of a patient not only in the hospital, but even when he gets home.  I can be able to see if he is compliant with his teachings in the hospital and can get him extra help, for example transportation to and from his doctor’s appointment, visiting nurse services and even a place to stay if he is homeless.

It is truly a good feeling to know that whatever was taught to him in the hospital can be reinforced at his home so that he can be better able to function in society without much troubles.  Leadership has made me much more confident in my job, and I can handle things that I never thought I can do before.  I feel I have grown so much more and has a lot more confidence in myself and my work as a Nurse.  I think this has shown in my performance because I have been offered the Supervisor position in my department.  I was never a leader because I always think that the other person can make a better leader than me, my confident has grew to the point that I think I can be a good leader and I want to do more with myself.  For example, I would like to go back to school to do my Masters in Nursing, and I have the faith and confident that I can do it.

Another subject that has helped me a lot is Professional Nursing, I am always fearful when I should speak in front of the class but professional nursing made me less nervous, so that I can have a class debate on nursing ratios which was a very good experience for me.  The research on the debate made me understand the ratio system better both the pro and con.  Which by the way have some valid research on both sides which was done by The American Nursing Association (ANA).  This class has forced me to think critically.  Not just how to find a solution but the best solutions, each situation might be different with all patients but making the best decision or treatments will provide the best possible outcome for the patient. These add my strength as a good patients’ advocate. I would like to speak for the benefits of my patients.

The IOM report BS in 10 was one of the big topic in Pro Nursing and it has now made a lot of sense to me on the importance of getting my BS.  Research has shown better patients outcomes and lower mortality rate.  More respect for nurses with a BS v. a Registered nurse, i.e. contribute to the mangos status of the facility and the differences between Urban and Rural, teaching and non-teaching hospitals.  I learned that a nurse practitioner can make medical diagnoses and treatment plans, write orders for medication and prescribe tests such as x-rays, CT, MRI etc.  Finally, a nurse should practice to their full extent of their education.  BSN is just a stepping stone for the best nursing jobs, such as nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery or clinical nurse.