My clinical site is at First Step in Brownsville, Brooklyn.  At clinical I learned how to work in a group where everyone had to do a part of a project and then we all put it together to make an interesting presentation. I learned how to communicate effectively and professionally, also to share my knowledge and accept comments from others. I learned how to manage my time and most of all how to deal with kids of all ages. It was a very good learning experience for me personally.

I maintained patient confidentiality by not talking about patient in the cafeteria, elevator nor in the hall ways.

I assumes responsibility for my own learning by reading and asking questions I don’t know, and by doing my homework.

I prepare for clinical by reading up on topics we will discuss the next day and go prepared.

I administered medication only after checking two form of identifications and the five rights.

Evaluating outcome for nursing by checking on my patient for allergic reaction after administering medication or using interventions.

I utilizes principle of personal safety when working in the community setting by locking my car with meds and needles safely tuck away in a bag, evaluate the surrounding before getting out of my car.

I always communicate with my professor pre and post conference so she is aware of exactly what I will do that day and the outcome of everything.