Light & Dark

Utica Ave., March 16, 2014, Josue L. Pierre

This photo was taken on March 16, 2014. This was taken after I finished performing at a church service. I decided to take it because where we stopped looked just right. I had to take the photo with all the cars passing by. I see a bunch of cars standing on the other side of the street. I see a bus coming out of the bus stop. There are buildings there too, but it’s too dark to really see them. There is not that much light coming from the buildings. Most of the light is coming from the cars. There is a red light.  And I also see street lights. I took this to show that the light from the cars and streets in my opinion represents purity, happiness and hope whereas the darkness surrounding it represents fear, doubt and sadness. And the way the picture is shown, it seems that the light shows a little bit of hope and happiness. The light also represents how many people could possibly be pure while the darkness represents the exact opposite.

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