Great Minds Think Alike

March 15, 2014, Josue L. Pierre

This photo was taken March 15, 2014. This was taken at my house. This was after everyone had fallen asleep. I was hungry so went to get some food. I see a microwave which has an oval shaped black cover on it. I see a sink next. I only see the corner of the stove, the rest of it is missing. I see large cabinets and half of a small cabinet. I see a trash can and right behind it is a door that’s brings you to the backyard. Most of these objects are rectangles. I see eating utensils on top of the microwave. I also see a red, orange light that brightens mostly the cabinet and the microwave. I see eating utensils on top of the microwave. I took this photo because the light represents what I’m about to do. When I woke up to get food, I was going to open the large cabinets to get some utensils and then use the microwave to heat up my left overs. It seemed as if the light knew what I was planning to eat. At first it was a little scary, but then it looked pretty cool.  

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