The Hudson River Dreamer.


Hudson river,2013,Mayji Shodunke

I took this picture during the summer of 2013,its a picture of my brother watching the sunset,i was with my cousins and we were trying to shoot a music video but there was just something about the way the sun set that evening that made me want to take a picture of it.My brother was not meant to be in the photograph,in other words he ”photo-bombed” but honestly,he made it look better,it looked like he was  looking at the world from the outside,trying to make sense of it all,like he was trying to see beyond the river.

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2 Responses to The Hudson River Dreamer.

  1. Jennifer DeVivo-Baptiste says:

    I chose this image to write a comment about because it’s a beautiful image, but I also liked it’s color, and it’s darkness at the same time. The obvious beauty of the sunset is glaring. However, the ominous mystery of the person in the foreground, only as a “shadow” of sorts, quietly observing, is interesting. You wonder what they’re thinking about. Are they thinking how beautiful the sunset is as well? Or, is it something deeper? It feels like a very emotional moment – just as the description notes.

  2. Brianna Inez says:

    Favorite Picture Post
    This picture was the only of all the pictures posted on open lab by my classmates, that succeeded in catching my attention.

    There is so much more to this picture than what meets the eye. Most people would only take notice in the sunset but what enthuses me are the colors; the way nature beautifully blends them together. When I look at them i feel entirely captivated almost as if i could sink in to picture itself, as if I could literally float over the body of water and sink into the sun .

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