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Road to the Nba?

This is a photo i took at the Highland park in my neighborhood,its a photograph of guys playing the game of basketball.There are about eleven people in the photograph,its obviously daytime,a court,basketball rims, and fences.The atmosphere of this photo looks … Continue reading

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Broadway Junction Graffiti

This photo was taken at broadway junction.The graffiti has a rich blend of colors,to the top right it says “R.I.P LOUIS”,so im guessing the graffiti  artist dedicated this art to louis.Its clearly daytime,i can see the elevated train tracks,barbed wires and … Continue reading

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The Hudson River Dreamer.

  Hudson river,2013,Mayji Shodunke I took this picture during the summer of 2013,its a picture of my brother watching the sunset,i was with my cousins and we were trying to shoot a music video but there was just something about … Continue reading

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