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In the construction industry, successful project completion relies heavily on a tool called the “Triple Constraint” or otherwise known as the “Iron Triangle”. The iron triangle consists of the balancing of time, quality, and costs for any given project. Often times, project participants such as the project manager and owner have to make a decision of choosing two of these three factors. By conducting a review of literature and distributing a topic related survey, I was able to identify if there were any common themes between time, cost and quality trade-offs, and whether or not project managers and owners have opposing views on which aspects of a project are most important.


The development of mathematics as we know it today extends well into the past and most likely has origins among the origin of the human race. From quantitative reasoning within the animal kingdom to the understanding of complex concepts. Its clear that mathematics has an extremely close relationship with human identity. By looking at the development of mathematical ideas throughout history its possible for one to learn about the influences and intuitions used by our ancestors to develop modern mathematics. On the same hand, it might be possible to use that intuition to understand the process of learning about these mathematical ideas.


What do we know about the impact that SARS-CoV-2 has on the oral cavity? Recent findings reflect that about 50% of COVID19 cases present evident oral manifestations and that prognosis of the oral lesions occurs in parallel with the resolution and the level of severity of the disease. There is growing evidence that the ACE2, the main host cell receptor of SARS-CoV-2, is highly expressed on the cells of the oral mucosal epithelia and of the salivary glands, which may explain the development of taste loss, dry mouth, and oral lesions in COVID-19 patients. This study was based on a review of the literature focusing on the correlation to analyze the possible effect of the SARS-CoV-2 as the etiological factor.


My client wanted a tropical house near water, so now, I am designing a bamboo house on the remote island. Our Senior Capstone project allowed us to fit the role of Senior Engineers. Our main objectives in the course are evaluation of a set of appropriate materials for building construction in the Bahamas and selection of the most environmentally friendly material candidate. Two main challenges of this project are limited resources on the island and a construction of a green building that has to be taken down by the end of the project. Thus, material evaluation and selection require thorough analyzation by us, Senior Engineers. In assistance to the referenced literature, my poster research discusses methods we have applied to reach the satisfaction of the client for the coursework.


The Colchester Ecohouse is designed to be a residential building with a typology that serves as a prototype for evaluating different building assemblies. This house will include an active and passive energy strategy creating and making it a low impact building. This construction consists of two types of assemblies which will be the straw-bale base and double stud wood frame for the upper structure. We really took in account and monitored the carbon footprint emission especially coming from the materials being used in the house. Three main materials are strawbale, crushed gravel and clay.


During the lockdown brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the few things that gave me solace was the view of a tree outside my window. I knew I was not alone in my nature admiration in my trips to the local park which had unusually high traffic. Besides general well-being, I knew trees had far more benefits and this study sought to find a relationship to trees and their influence on city dwellers. My quest for knowledge was far more complicated than I expected and led to a greater understanding of data, coding, and of course, trees.


Panama is an isthmus country in Central America that from 1519 to 1999, was occupied by foreign nations. Prior to their occupation, natives were not influenced by Mayan, Aztec, and Andean culture but were part of the Pan-American trading route. The first occupier of this nation were the Spanish from Spain in 1519. Like to day, it served a “transit point for gold and silver shipments sent to Spain.”(Gutierrez) Panama also served as a base for further Spanish conquest. After its secession, Panama became part of Colombia until 1902.


In each play of a two-person zero-sum game, the positive gain of one player is equal to the negative gain (loss) of the other player. So the sum of the gains of the two players is zero. When there are only two possible moves for each player, it is possible to determine the optimal strategies for both players using tools from Linear Algebra and Probability. As an application, we can use this method for obtaining an inoculation plan for a population that is being exposed to two viral strains, given that there are two available vaccines. 


There are thousands of brownfields in New York on former Manufactured Gas Plants (MGP) similar to the Public Place site in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Brownfields are abandoned or underutilized industrial and commercial sites that are, or are perceived to be, chemically, physically, or biologically contaminated. The Public Place site is one of 15 active brownfields in Gowanus that falls within a NYC Department of City Planning (DCP) proposed rezoning area and FEMA A flood zone abutting an EPA designated Superfund site, this site will be developed into low-income housing, park, and a public school. We used American Community Survey data to assess whether low income communities of color live on or near active brownfields and adjacent to the EPA Superfund site in Gowanus. Assessment of current demographic data shows that Gowanus residents living within census districts encompassed by or overlapping with the rezone area near the active superfund and brownfield sites are both less wealthy and more racially diverse than residents in surrounding districts. If the rezoning is implemented, new developments of both low and market rate housing will be built on remediated brownfields after the superfund cleanup is complete. However, the rezone plan will likely create economic incentives for environmental remediation and change demographics of this area in ways that complicate correlations between race, income, and environmental justice.


Foundation analysis and design is one of many applications for the skills learned as a civil engineer. More specifically, a feasibility evaluation breaks down the subsurface conditions that are to be the home of a new structure. The analysis done on the site determines strength and capabilities of the soils to be built upon. This information provides engineers with adequate data to properly design the parameters of the structure to be built. As an extension of CMCE 4456, Foundation Analysis and Design, a feasibility study has been performed on 66 Sands Street in Brooklyn. The analysis of the lot has concluded with a foundation recommendation and information necessary for design.