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Greetings! I’m Xiaona Zhou. In my project, I implemented the basic edge detection and the Canny Edge detection algorithm from scratch in R. In this poster, I’ll introduce to you what convolutional operation is, and I’ll talk about how edge detection can be done with convolutional operation. You’ll see a comparison of edge images resulting from different filters, such as Sobel and Scharr filters. Lastly, I’ll walk you through the five-step procedure in Canny Edge Detection, which produces a better edge detection outcome. For future study, we plan to learn about convolutional neural networks and look into FaceNet (a face recognition system developed by Google researchers) and YOLO(one of the faster object detection algorithms out there). We would like to better understand the two approaches and implement them in our further explorations.


In our research project, we experimented with the GeoGebra software to visualize various Computer Graphics transformations. Our research shows that GeoGebra is a valuable tool in the teaching of Computer Graphics in Linear Algebra, as it may easily be used for the visualization of Computer Graphics transformations. To perform the transformations, we created two shapes using the “pyramid” and “cube” tool in GeoGebra, and then through GeoGebra code we performed the transformations of rotation and translation on the objects. In the future, we hope to create a comprehensive program that could perform all three transformations of rotation, translation, and scaling on an object along with providing the given operations required to perform the transformation.


Calpains are a type of calcium-dependent cytosolic protease expressed in all mammals. They are important in intracellular calcium-regulated mechanisms and play a role in apoptosis. One reason calpain activity is significant because of its role in the growth or degradation of muscle which can contribute to the development of certain diseases such as muscular dystrophy, or heart disease. This has great implications for humans, and a better understanding of the genetic information that codes for these proteases is needed. By using computer software, we can analyze and compare calpains in homo sapiens to a model organism with a smaller, more manageable genome. By doing so, we can gain insight as to the frequency of similarities between these amenable freshwater protozoa called Tetrahymena thermophila, and humans. This research will focus on the TTHERM_00387030 protein (calpain 11). Once the mechanisms of the expression of this gene is better understood, it can be applied to the better understanding of the role of calpains in humans.


Indoor localization is an interesting subject because factors like signal strength and accuracy prevent GPS from being used in buildings. This project suggests using WIFI to combat this problem because it is available in almost every building; machine learning may be the solution. Two public datasets containing the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) or WIFI strength of 13 ibeacons was used to train a machine learning program. One dataset has its locations revealed while the other dataset has its locations hidden. The project is successful if the program can accurately predict the location of a subject given a unique set of RSSI data. The labeled dataset is used to judge the accuracy of the program. After many weeks of training the program can accurately predict the location of a target given a unique set of RSSI data; however, there are some issues that arise in specific locations. The program can only predict the general area of a target if the target is too close to one ibeacon and too far away from the other twelve. This issue increases in areas that don’t have many WIFI devices. The next steps of our research will be to find ways to increase the accuracy of the program in instances where these issues may appear.


The concept of consumption is ever present in today’s society. More specifically, textile usage is growing at an exponential rate, meaning textile waste is piling up in the worlds landfills. From an engineering approach, specifically civil and geotechnical engineering, this trend stimulates opportunity. For centuries, soil reinforcement has been applied to the construction of various structures such as bridges, dams, aqueducts, retaining walls and more. In the modern world, testing can promote the use of wasted whole textile fabric in the long-standing practice of soil reinforcement. In our research we will be exploring the application of whole textile fabric for the shear strength enhancement of soil and its potential in the construction industry.


Synthetic bio-materials are now being used in a variety of ways to treat diseases, cancer, and tumors, including the development of 3D vitro cancer models that can replicate microenvironmental conditions in tumors and the creation of a new microenvironment in the human body that will enable immune cells to activate anti-tumor functions. Our aim is to investigate and comprehend brain tissue-like biomaterials for the identification of cancer and tumor cells in tissue using imaging or spectroscopic techniques appropriate for living organs or brain cells. Literature review of numerous studies of soft-hard tissue interactions in the human brain using synthetic bio-materials and bio-composites, as well as the identification extent of such interactions at various stages of a brain tumor. Nanotechnology in Cancer Research for Brain Tumor Therapy, 3D Extracellular Matrix Bioengineered Tissue Models, and Biomaterial-delivered chemotherapy leads to long-term survival in brain cancer.


Hello! My name is Angelika. I am majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. My research project involves design and implementation of a motion sensor based Assistive Technology device. My project will enable a person with disability control a device they want to use, or a child can use it to interact with a toy or a game, by using their body or hand movements. This project was inspired by the Makers Making Change organization where volunteers create toys or devices that help children and adults with disabilities.  I hope one day my project will make a difference in the life of a person with a disability.


My name is Pratima Roy and I am working on a research project titled “Markov Chains and The PageRank Algorithm”. Have you ever wondered what happens when you perform a Google search? Why certain webpages appear at the top of the list? The Google search engine is a powerful tool which uses the PageRank algorithm to rank webpages from high importance to least. I was able to learn and apply mathematical tools from linear algebra and graph theory that can be used to investigate the Web graph and thus help get a glimpse on how the Google search engine works.


Quantum computing, the mysterious offspring of its even more difficult-to-understand parent, quantum mechanics, is presently on the forefront of technological innovation – a veritable “next step” in the evolution of computation. As with any subject that requires some considerable education to understand, a lot of misinformation exists about quantum computing on the internet. The purpose of this subject is to analyze popular articles written about quantum computing and applied physics using knowledge gleaned from open-access journals, the City Tech Library, and City Tech’s own Introduction to Quantum Computing course. The carefully selected articles are then compiled into a newsletter with blurbs written to be accessible to the novice and professional alike.


Paint the City is an app that lets you create, share, and discover Street Art in Augmented Reality. Imagine having a secret world hidden in your phone where you are free to express yourself and develop a community full of potential friends. Choose from a variety of colors and brush sizes to create your masterpiece, we give you the tools to be as detailed as possible! When you are done you can publish your work which will be shown to people passing by. You can also share it with your friends and create your own private art gallery. All your work is owned by you so no one can steal your credit. The world is your newsfeed, find artwork or secrets that people have created in your area.