BUF 3400: E-commerce & Global Marketing


BUF 3400, E-commerce & Global Marketing: 

During this course, students will discover the fundamental concepts of electronic commerce and understand how to analyze these concepts from both a business and technical standpoint with a particular emphasis on the fashion industry.

In real time, students will examine the impact and changes of e-Commerce in the business of fashion, including various alternative approaches to creating e-Commerce solutions. Topics covered include the history of e-Commerce and the development of the World Wide Web, e-Commerce tools and technologies, Internet advertising and marketing strategies and the legal, security and taxation issues critical to the success of any e-Commerce venture.

OER Outcomes: 
  • Downloadable excerpts from textbooks/course materials.
  • Additional course materials related to in-class discussions including: videos, film, current trade publication articles.
  • Study guides to exams and quizes.