Class Info

Date: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Meeting Info: Class will meet in person, room N522, 11:30am-12:45pm

Final Exam: Final Exam will take place in class on Wednesday, 5/22/24 (review sheet)

To-Do Before Class



The Inverse Laplace Transform and the method of partial fractions


  • Use the method of partial fraction decomposition to apply the Inverse Laplace Transform to more complicated functions
  • Use the Laplace Transform to solve Initial Value Problems


You may wish to refer to this Table of Laplace Transforms when completing your homework.

Trouble with partial fractions? Here are two videos that might help:

  1. Partial Fraction Decomposition – a basic example.  This is a good basic example. 
  2. Partial Fraction Decomposition – another example. This is a slightly longer example, and it includes a good explanation of how to set up your partial fractions for different kinds of factors in the denominator. 

To-Do after class

  1. WeBWorK Due Monday 5/20/24:
    • Laplace Transforms-Initial Value Problems
  2. OpenLab Assignment due 5/22/24: Advice for the Future

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