Practice Exam and Attendance today – 4/21/20

Hi everyone,

Today is our “test run” for the new exam-taking process. Please READ the instructions below, and COMPLETE all the steps. NOTE: This is not a ‘real’ exam, although it is required – it will not count towards your grade, but it will serve to record your attendance in today’s class. The primary purpose is to make sure everyone can successfully navigate the technology – WeBWorK, taking photos & combining them into a single pdf, uploading work. If you have any trouble with any of the steps, please reach out to me by email or on the OpenLab – let’s figure it out together!

Exam Instructions – (Exam opens at 10am)

Step 1: Complete the exam in WeBWorK.

  • The exam is called A Practice Exam about pets and appears in the Homework Sets area.
  • The exam will be available for just over 24 hours, from 10:00am Tuesday 4/21/20 through 11:40am Wednesday 4/22/20 – you can start the exam whenever you like during this period.
  • You will have 2 hours to complete the exam from the time you start it (WeBWorK will keep track of this for you – you must submit your answers within two hours of starting).
  • Please choose a time to complete the exam that provides you with the best opportunity to work uninterrupted.
  • You must complete each of the problems on paper (see Step 2) – this is not required for the practice exam – instead of written work, you will submit two pictures of your pets).
  • When you complete the exam, enter your answers and submit them in WeBWorK.

Step 2: Upload your written work as a single pdf file to the link provided (in the case of this practice exam, submit two pictures of your favorite pet/pets).

  • You must submit your written work within 30 minutes of completing the exam.
  • Please take clear photographs of your written work (one photo per page). For the practice exam, please take two photos of your favorite pet/pets – OR, if you don’t have pets or prefer not to share them, take photos of any item or location in your home that is helping you get through this difficult time).
  • Combine all the photos into a single pdf file. If you need help with this, see the box “Tips for combining photos on various devices” below.
  • Upload the pdf file by clicking the following link:

Step 3: You’re done – great work! If you had any trouble with the instructions above, please let me know. Information about our next “real” exam will be coming later this week.


Tips for combining photos in a pdf on various devices

There are many ways to convert photos to pdf documents – if you already have a method that works, great! If not, here are links to a few resources, by device type:
iPhone/iPad: How to save photos as pdf on iPhone and iPad
Android: How to scan documents and photos into PDFs on Android
Mac laptop or desktop: How to Combine Images into One PDF File on a Mac
Windows laptop or desktop: How To Create A PDF From Multiple Images In Windows 10

Final note: Since this is a Practice Exam only, we also have a lesson today – keep your eyes peeled for Lesson 19, appearing at 10am!

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3 thoughts on “Practice Exam and Attendance today – 4/21/20”

  1. Professor!
    I feel time flies so fast that we are going to take the exam. Regards to the exam, I have some questions to ask!

    1) Once I submit the answer, then I can not revise the answer, right?

    2) Will I able to check if I got the answer correctly after I submit the answer just like normal webwork?

    3) I am sorry if I make you repeat things that you already covered but, I wonder how much we are going to cover for the actual exam.

    4) Could you please please reopen the contents which got expired on webwork?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Suim,

      Thanks for your comment – I’ll respond one at a time:

      1) That’s correct – once submitted, you cannot change your answer. HOWEVER, if you realize you made a mistake, and you correct the answer on paper before you submit your written work, I will give you credit for it.

      2) I am still learning to use the quiz/exam feature in WeBWorK – I don’t *think* it will tell you if the answer is correct, but I’m not sure.

      3) I’ll post more details about the actual exam on Thursday – but it will take place next week, and will only cover a limited amount of material (NOT everything since the first exam).

      4) Thanks for the reminder – please ask me again once the real exam is completed! I will make an offer to reopen past webwork assignments at that time…

      All the best,
      Prof. Reitz

  2. Hello Professor, I accidentally press the grade test button after two questions. Can you please open it for me the test again. I will really appreciate it. I really want to take test, I got confused and accidentally pressed the submission button.
    Thank you,
    Stay safe, Have a good night

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