Where’s Prof. Reitz? And other details

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide a quick update.

1.  I was out sick today (Tuesday, 2/25) – stomach flu.  This is not recommended.  Hope you all had a better day than I did.  Luckily, I feel much better now.

2.  I will be out of town for 1 week starting tomorrow, so you will have a sub for the next two classes.

3. There will be no office hours on Thursday 2/27.

4. A reminder – your first exam will take place on Tuesday, 3/4 (next week).

5.  There is NO WeBWorK due next week (3/4), but there will be WeBWorK due the following week based on Exact Equations and Euler’s Method.

Finally, I will be checking email while I am away, but not as often as usual – feel free to write if you have questions or problems.

-Prof. Reitz

3 responses to “Where’s Prof. Reitz? And other details

  1. Thanks for the update, we were all expecting you yesterday, get well soon.

  2. i hope you feel better now professor, take care

  3. I’m back in town, and feeling better – thank you! I’ll see you on Thursday. Very interested to hear your thoughts on the exam…
    -Prof. Reitz

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