OpenLab #2: Feedback on the course

We are currently in the eighth week of the semester.  For this OpenLab assignment, I am asking you to provide some feedback on your experience of the course so far.

Assignment (Due Thursday, March 26th, at the start of class).  Your assignment consists of two parts:

  1. Complete the survey by clicking here.  The survey consists of 10 questions, and should take 5-10 minutes to complete.  It is anonymous (I will see the answers, but I will not know who submitted them).
  2. Confirm that you have completed the survey by leaving a comment in reply to this post (for example, you could just write “I completed the survey just now”).

Extra Credit.  Tell me what music you are listening to these days.  What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?  Give us a brief description.  I’m listening to Parov Stelar (“compulsively listenable electroswing”) and Shpongle (“a unique concoction of lounge driven downtempo encased in an endless sphere of production”).    A few ground rules:  No offensive lyrics, be considerate of others, feel free to include a link but only to a legal site such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

57 responses to “OpenLab #2: Feedback on the course

  1. I completed the survey just now

  2. Hey professor I have just finished the survey.

  3. I’ve completed the survey.

  4. Yevgeniy Babkin

    Survey = Done!!!
    ****************extra credit************
    The Glitch Mob – Seven Nation Army Remix (The White Stripes)
    I was on and saw a video of an amazing Beatboxer in London who eventually started to “beatbox” the above mentioned song and it made me want to listen to it again. He has sort of a Dubsteppy feel to his work.
    here is the video of the Beatboxer…it’s quite good! Check it out!
    he starts the seven nation army tune @3:12

  5. I have completed the survey:)

  6. Yevgeniy Babkin

    *************More Extra Credit*************
    Another good oldie which is for some reason popular for Go-Pro videos and slow-mo videos. Its called Sail – by AWOLNATION very popular so no description necessary…. except its pretty catchy
    Here is a video that I associate with it for some weird reason:
    [it’s a dude Yoga Breakdancing…. pretty cool! ]

    Here is the official video:

  7. Hello Professor i just completed the survey. Some recently played songs are Citizen Cope, Side ways(kind of a sad song)… Heart it Races, By Dr.Dog(less sad indie rock) … Happy By Pharrell Williams(happy rap)

  8. I have completed the survey. I listen to
    Life is like a boat – Rie Fu (loneliness)
    With a little help from my friend – The Beatles (friendship)
    Sunrise – Norah Jones (living)

    • Yamba – thanks for sharing your music. I’ve loved the Beatles since my parents played them to me as a baby. I’ll check out Rie Fu and Norah Jones (I like her but don’t know that song).
      Prof. Reitz

  9. I have completed the survey .

  10. I have completed the survey,
    most of the time i listen to Eminem songs ( all of them)

  11. I completed the survey.

  12. Survey done.
    I like listening to old arabic music I am not into these new song in my opinion todays artists are singing just to sing and make money. Some
    Nice arabic music i like are lebanese dabke which are very nice and shows some of the arabic traditions. This is video that was done in Beiruts airport

  13. I completed the survey.

    On my iphone 60 percent of the music is Tupac Shakur, and the other 40 percent is all current hip hop and rap music.

  14. I completed the survey.
    Todo Cambia “Everything in this world changes” By Mercedez Sosa.

  15. Hey professor. I completed the survey.

    most of the music on my iPod is bob marley, Damien marley, tupac shakur and vybz kartel

  16. William Zagare

    “I completed the survey just now”

  17. extra credit.
    I listen to a lot of spanish music such as salsa and older rap music.

  18. I have completed the survey as required.

    **Extra Credit
    Listening to Jedi Mind Tricks and 90’s East Coast Rap. These tracks are good to sample when making beats, as JMT presents knowledge in their music while 90’s rap is classic.

  19. I completed the survey.
    The type of music I listen to nowadays is something that sounds good because every genre has their good and bad songs.
    I mostly listen to ACDC, K-pop, Two steps from hell and probably whatever is on Pandora.

  20. Aslan Gousseinov

    Hey professor, just finished the survey.

    Extra Credit:

  21. I completed the survey.

    ********Extra Credit*******

    I like to listen to classical music, gospel, soft rock, soca and some pop.

    Andrea Bocelli


    Machel Montano


  22. I completed the survey just now.

    Two Door Cinema Club – Change of the season

  23. Boris Vejsilovic

    I completed the survey just now.

    Extra Credit:
    I listen to all sorts of music and in different languages, but I tend to stay away form todays music as I it just doesn’t appeal to me. I range from 2Pac (Tupac Shakur) to Yanni. I grew up listening to Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys, which I still listen to today. I find myself listening to more calm music now such as Yanni, occasionally Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc. As far as different languages I listen to music from Former Yugoslavia musicians such as Bijelo Dugme, Dino Merlin, etc. and tend to listen to Greek music. Here are a few links from YouTube of Yanni, songs which I prefer to listen to:

  24. Mohammed Ahmed

    I have completed the survey. And the I listen to all types of music. But these days I am listening some Indian music.

  25. I completed the survey.

    Extra Credit: I listen to different types of music, but I’m mostly R&B music, recent ones aren’t really good in my opinion, they’ve turned it into pop. I like a little bit of the old as well.
    This one is an oldie but a classic:
    Shai – If I Ever Fall In Love
    Occasionally this song happens to pass by, again old, but holds good memories.
    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

  26. I’ve completed the survey.

    Extra Credit:
    The music I listen goes from The Beatles to Panic At The Disco
    We The Kings,

  27. Professor Reitz,
    I have completed the survey.

    As of music, well when I get a chance, I love listening 80’s rock and early 90’s music.[ Nirvana, The Scorpions, The Beatles, ABBA, Quiet Riot, Guns n’ Roses, Pink Floyd….and the list goes on 🙂 ] I also love contemporary Gospel music.

    My favorite of all time.
    The Scorpions: Still Loving you.
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Under The Bridge

  28. Hi Professor,
    I completed the survey.

    I’m currently listening to “Eres Mia” by Romeo Santos

  29. I did the survey a while ago, I just forgot to post a comment.

  30. i listened to almost about everything but my african root push to listen to more african songs especially nigerian music although im togolese. I am also a heavy jam, blues , rnb soul, reggae old school rap and gospel listeners let say . i like more of the old school types of music .Pandora is a great sources of great music for me My recent discovered artists are Ayo , Espranza Splading and ASA, check them on youtube:

  31. I completed the survey:)
    I am listening to

    Good song to work out to and also sick beats!!!

  32. Hi professor, I finished the survey.

    Extra Credit: Recently I’ve been listening to an artist called SBTRKT (pronounced subtract).

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