1 Week Extension to deadline for WeBWorK Assignment #1-Modeling-IVPs

Hi everyone,

I realize that many of you are struggling to complete the first two WeBWorK assignments by the due date of this evening at midnight.  For a number of reasons, I’m giving a one-time extension on the deadline for Assignment #1 ONLY.  It will now be due next Tuesday, Feb 12, at midnight.

NOTE: Assignment #0 is still due tonight.

  • What are the reasons?  It’s the first assignment, so you are grappling with learning WeBWorK, you are sorting out problems with your logins/passwords on the system, and you are trying to remember how to do basic integrations from Calc II.  That’s a lot!  I’d rather you take a little more time, then simply not complete it.
  • Will I regret this? Maybe.
  • Will I ever do it again? No way!

Best regards,
Prof. Reitz

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