Exam # 3 / Problem # 7

Mohammed Ahmed ( Prof I spoke to you in class on Thursday regarding the mistake on question # 25 , you told me I have the weekend to to post a new question, thank you)

Step 1: The first step in solving this problem is using the  right formula, the correct formula for this problem would be x-u divided by o. X being the given , U being the average and O being the standard deviation. My iPad does not have the actual symbols but the correct mathematical symbol for U and O has a line at he corner.

Step 2: We take our given numbers from our problem and simple just plug them in.  100-134/20= -1.7 and 150-134/20= 0.8

Step 3: Lastly we find the z score of both results and subtract them and get our final answer.

(Z score of 0.8) .7881- .0446 ( Z score of -1.7) = .7435

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