Assignment #7 infinity

To me infinity is nothing more than a set of words,Like omniscient and omnipotent. Meaning all knowing and all seeing, like infinity these words encompass everything. What strikes me as odd is Ā the said force of gravity , one of the four fundamental forces that seems to encompass everything. Gravity as I know works on all masses and even light at times when the force is substantial , it is the force that affects everything Ā from me to you and from you to mars and the galaxy’s so I Ā bring the question if the universe is accelerating are we then connected to infinity?


This is another connection to infinity. The starting point of time dilation. Time dilation is the theĀ measurementĀ of time when moving atĀ relativisticĀ speeds if time isĀ infinitelyĀ moving , a never stopping frame of reference. Should the said time dilated Ā be infinite also? Ā  no because of the speed of light being a constant value stops the amount of time being dilated. This can show how infinity is stopped by the constant speed of light

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