True Infinity

Infinity has no limits. This can refer to the galaxy, reflection of two or more mirrors facing each other and of  course in math.   Infinity is forever. It cannot be defined as a number in mthematics and is used to also describe anything with no limits whether it be something you see or feel.

Some things can have a limit but not see that way by the naked eye. A picture os something of course stops somewhere but it may seem to go on forever. A pool that has a view of the ocean at the end as if the water runs into it is called an infinity pool. Of course there is a limit but not in your view.  Love someone with no limits; even in death. Many religions believe in the after life. Though we have a limit to our life here on earth, once deceased, your soul lives on forever. There is no limit for our lives after we have lived. In mathematical terms, I would guess that hell was negative infinity and heaven was positive infinity. Just kidding but in a weird way, it makes sense if these eternal places exist.

One thing that ties these together and is also infinite is time. Right now we use the amount of years since Christ was here to describe the year we live in. When speaking of ancient times we use the term B.C. meaning before Christ. This also shows that the amount of years we or this earth have been here may be unclear and how long it continues may seem endless. The earth and people will live on forever. Or will it? There have been many speculations about 2012 being the end. The end of what though? Some say it is only the end of an old world to a new one. Whether you believe one or the other or none, there is one thing people fail to mention is that time has no limits. Regardless of who or what, time will last forever. So can the world really end if time goes on forever? People die, yes, but there is the cliche that ” life goes on.”  A blunt truth about the world we live in. That is the one thing we know for sure has no limit and is infinitely moving forward, none the lease. Time is truly infinite.

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