To infinity…and beyond? Saqib Shaikh

1) Infinity: Infinity is have no bounds. To have no limits. Unattainable.  Never ending.
These words are most commonly used to describe infinity. And although it portrays itself as a negative unreachable tasks, I feel the idea of infinity can help drive people to extraordinary tasks. The idea that pursuit is never ending in my mind is the biggest drive of all for the human soul, mind, and body. Although it can easily be portrayed as disheartening with time being such limited factor in everyone’s life and death always looming. But nonetheless what I feel best describes infinity would be human will power.

There are numerous examples of us as people going to measures beyond boundaries (infinity=no boundaries) to achieve something. But most importantly one I can describe as infinity would be the love and passion. Both are unmeasurable and never ending. When someone finds love, passion and creativity towards something; whether it be a task, an idea, or a person. The levels they go through pursuing it cannot be attained by those who lack it. It can be the passion a sports icon has for the game, or the love of getting a message across for a director or the creative of a designer towards new pieces.

Infinity can’t be described easily in everyday life; but I feel those three words can best get the idea of infinity understood.



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