OpenLab Assignment #4: Take a break

You have no OpenLab assignment this weekend – use the time to catch up on other work and study for the exam.

Extra credit.  Tell me what music you like.  What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?  I’m listening to Parov Stelar (“compulsively listenable electroswing”) and Aesop Rock (“inaccessible hiphop intelligentsia”).  A few ground rules:  No offensive lyrics, be considerate of others, feel free to include a link but only to a legal site such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

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25 Responses to OpenLab Assignment #4: Take a break

  1. Sharess Isaacs says:

    Slow jams and R & B are in heavy rotation on my Ipod. I like artist such as Joe, R Kelly and Trey Songs they seem to soothe me when I have a lot on my mind.

  2. Kameela Edun says:

    I enjoy all types of music; I mainly listen to soca and pop. One of my favorite songs I listen to on a daily basis is 311-Love Song; every time I listen to this song it bring back great memories.

    • L Bourne says:

      Hey Kameela,
      Glad you love soca music, we have something in common! Do you have a favorite soca song? Mine, at the moment, would have to be “In Your Eyes” by Erphaan Alves. You should take a listen if you’ve never heard it before!

    • I love soca music also. I grew up on soca music. I love listening to Machel Montano. His music is irresisstable and the lyrics are always captivating.

  3. L Bourne says:

    My love of music varies. I enjoy many different genres, from hip-hop, to pop, to rock, to soca, to dancehall, etc. It’s usually the beat of a song that catches my attention. When my attention is drawn to the song, then I listen intensely to the lyrics. I’m a huge Lil’ Wayne fan, even though not many people feel the same about him since his music style has changed. I remain a loyal fan and always will. I also love Paramore and Muse. My favorite soca artist is Machel Montano. Soca is a part of my life, it’s a part of my culture, that’s one genre of music I could listen to all day, everyday, without getting tired of it. Music is just something I cannot go without.

  4. Julita says:

    I grew up in Europe mainly on dark & hard techno beats, house music, techno, tresor. At home I like listening to jazz and 80’s music. My favorite singer is Sade. Just couple of months ago I went to her concert. It was fantastic.

  5. I enjoy Reggae music. I love listening to Bob Marley, Beres Hammond. Their music is so mellow. Their music always puts me in a good mood.

  6. quazismom says:

    My neighbors are from Barbados and I was in their house a lot as a child so reggae music was and still is a big influence in my life. Ironically, my husband is from Jamaica so reggae music is on the ipod and on the stereo in the house. But back to the ipod, I have a little reggae such as Tony Rebel and Freddie McGregor and a little dancehall reggae such as Vybz Kartel. I love my R&B so gotta some R Kelly, Donny Hathaway, Teena Marie and Chant’e Moore. Can’t forget my Jazz, Sarah Vaughn is one of the best singers who has ever graced the earth. I also grew up with rap music as a big influence as well so I spend some time listening to Fabolous, Jay Z and Drake. but most important I have the Qur’an on my Ipod. At least a part of it gets played once a day. Overall, the combination of all gets me through the day very nicely.

  7. Tash J. says:

    I listen to Hip-Hop, R&B, dance, natural sounds, Pop, Reggae, Classical, Rock, Heavy Mental. The beat is what moves me. I sometimes don’t remember the lyrics to the songs but I do remember the beat. I am open to all forms of music, I am more interested in the energy behind it…

    So when it is time to study, no words just sounds. I listen to Spotify on the internet and enter study music and a vast selection can be listen to.
    When I am on the go, I like listening to house/club or Rap music and other fast pace beats.

    It’s all about the beats…

  8. Lewis Napolitano says:

    My music depends on my mood or the mood I’m trying to achieve.
    I like listening to soft classical music when I’m on the train so that I can concentrate on whatever I’m reading, but then I mix it up when I’m off the train.
    Really depends, lately I have a thing for Kid Rock, but old school rap, hard rock, easy listening, heavy metal, and country are also on my playlist.

  9. lsuarez0930 says:

    Music that i always listen is mostly electronica & rock… Specially Classic,soft, indie, alternative …

  10. Rosa Caraballo says:

    I listen to different type of music, but mainly hip-hop, merengue, reggae and classical music. I grew up with merengue (spanish music) as part of my culture so i listen to this type of music almost everyday.

  11. olgarhina says:

    I love Music specially Spanish music. My favor Genres is SALSA and my favor singer is Jerry Rivera. this is one of my favor songs:
    I enjoy listening and dancing to it. besides that, i like pop, merengue, bachata and rock. The heavy rotation on my iPod, i would say that is most likely to be romantic songs…. I always recommend people to learn how to dance salsa, it is fun and is a challenge specially to most latinos..

  12. kevin lau says:

    the music thats in my ipod in rotation the most are hip-hop,R&B,and pop.when im at home sitting down and relaxing ill put on kina grannis or dumbfoundead(both are indie artist)but in general i enjoy all types of music.

  13. carolisa says:

    I love all type of music, however i particular like bachata (spanish song) because i find it romantic and meaningful …I love listening to music because i believe it relax people. its also a good method of taking out your stress…

  14. Kevin Hernandez says:

    I enjoy listening to all types of music. One song I like playing when I go out for a drive with my friends is “Bangarang” by Skrillex. I like the songs professor Reitz put up! They sound interestingly different. 8]

  15. chimene says:

    Music is my life! I’ve been fortunate to have worked at a couple of music labels and have marketed and promoted several artist. My travels are what really introduce me to diverse types of music. In particular my trips to MIDEM in Cannes showcased the who is who of upcoming music and everybody who is somebody in the music industry is there. The festival opens up with the NRJ Music Awards, Europe’s equivalent to our Grammy’s. Some of the best music shows I’ve seen have been Daft Punk in Berlin, Massive Attack in London and my baby Nasty Nas at Rock the Bells in Amsterdam. Currently playing on my IPOD in heavy rotation is: Esthero, Chaka Khan, Mr. Hermano, Adele, Bjork, P.M. Dawn, Fela Kuti, Sade, J. Dilla, Grace Jones, Papa Wemba, The Roots (old joints), De La Soul, Outkast, Asa, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, Massive Attack, Zap Mama, Rhianna, Ayo, Club de Belugas, Sara Vaughn, Ledisi, Herbie Hancock,anything produced by Chaka Demus & Pliers, and so many more, I can go on and with this assignment!

  16. chimene says:

    Hey, if you guys are looking for some new cool interesting music, check out Bossa Nova Music and the eletronic group, Gotan Project and Asian Dub Foundation very cool in my opinion! If you like hip-hop and Rock, check out DJ Z-Trip, he is of the chain!

    At Prof: You may also enjoy the following artist: Tape Five, Yan Saquet, Mr. Scruff and Gabin. I discovered these artist from a couple of mix cd’s I’ve gotten.
    I actually also have Parov Stelar in my playlist, “Booty swing” and “Baska Brother”, real fun music. I am figuring you also listen to BBC 1EXTRA although Giles Petterson is no longer there, its still a very hot station to hear a mix of world music.

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