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Getting Started with WeBWorK

Your first assignment will be due on Monday, April 4th at 11pm.  It will be a short assignment testing a little bit of what we covered on the first day of class.  Here’s what you have to do: Assignment.  You … Continue reading

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OpenLab Assignment #1: Mathography

This assignment is due Wednesday evening, April 6th (midnight). Assignment.  Choose ONE of the following two topics.  Write a reply to this post, responding to the topic (1-2 paragraphs).  Begin by telling us which topic you chose.  Be sure to … Continue reading

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Welcome and Getting Started

This course is MAT 1180, Mathematical Concepts and Applications, taking place in the Summer 2012 semester with Professor Reitz.  We will be using this website in several different ways – as a central location for information about the course (assignments, review … Continue reading

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