Getting Started with WeBWorK

Your first assignment will be due on Monday, April 4th at 11pm.  It will be a short assignment testing a little bit of what we covered on the first day of class.  Here’s what you have to do:

Assignment.  You must complete the following three steps.

Step 1.  Log in to WeBWorK here: .  I have created Usernames and Passwords for all students registered for my class. If you can’t log in, please send me an email ( and explain what happened — I will do my best to fix it promptly.

Username.  Your Username for WeBWorK consists of your first initial plus your last name, all lowercase (for example, John Smith would have username ‘jsmith’).  WeBWorK does not like dashes, apostrophes, or spaces, so if you have a last name with any of these I have removed it (for example, Bill O’Reilly would have username ‘boreilly’).

Password.  Your temporary password consists of the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Step 2.  Change your password and update your email address.  To do this, select “Password/Email” from the main menu on the left.  Use whatever email address you like (I suggest using one that you check often).

Step 3.  Complete the first assignment, titled ‘Assignment1-WelcomeAndGettingStarted’, by clicking on it in the main screen.

If you have any trouble — either with logging in, or with completing the assignment, post a comment here or send me an email ( and I will get back to you.

WeBWorK Tips:

  1. Click on a problem to see the details (the list of problems appears in the menu on the left).  Enter an answer and hit “Submit Answers”.  Don’t worry, if you get it wrong you can try it again.
  2. If the answer is a number:  you can enter it either as a decimal, like 72.26 (round your answer), or as an exact answer, like 23*pi.
  3. You can work on the problems in any order you wish.  You can do some problems now, and come back and do the rest another day (your work will be saved, as long as you submit your answers).
  4. If you want to print out a copy of the assignment, click on the assignment name in the main menu on the left, and then click the link in the main screen area that reads “Download a hardcopy of this homework set.”
  5. You can use a calculator at any time to help in solving problems.
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  2. Julita Kropiwnicki says:

    I am not able to sign in to webwork. Can somebody advise ?

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