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The discourse practices associated with our schools represent the world view of mainstream and powerful institutions in our society; necessary for social and economic success in our society.

When Gee wrote this I think he’s saying that whatever a student learns or what a teacher teaches is not beneficial to both the student or teacher as it just relates to what society itself wants. That whatever or whenever someone is learning inside of classroom that the courses and teachings they’re absorbing only benefits when it’s contributes to society’s financial and social class. The modernized technological world today is all about popularity based on either what you look like or how much money you make. In a social setting this can cause pressures as well as financially if you yourself are not stable enough on a well being. This to me is very true because for example, studying for a degree whether that major is your passion or not can change the person you will become in the future. If you get a degree in art (for example) and then change because of economic status; you are just conforming to society and what everyone else is doing as well. Saying this means that there’s not a lot of passions in todays society but rather jobs and degrees others want to do because the social and economic status it will hold.


For instance, Thamus warns that the pupils of Theuth will develop an underserved reputation for wisdom. He means to say that those who cultivate competence in the use of new technology become an elite group that are granted undeserved authority and prestige by those who no such competence.

Reading this by Postman made me think that in some ways this is true. By saying this, it applies that whenever a new technological advancement is introduced there are ones who will want to learn about and others who would rather stick to the “old ways” of technology and figuratively speaking remain in the dark ages. But those who want to learn more become not only fascinated but also gain new knowledge about the technology giving them a in-depth insight what a new technological perspective. By writing this, it shows how true that is especially in todays modernized society where almost everything around us is based on technology. We are so reliant on technology it’s hard to be able to connect to people in real life which makes it twice as hard. Especially with the pandemic and the shutdowns technology placed N even bigger role.

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  1. I like these responses. I can’t find where there is the emotional response or the as a writer response.

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