Response 15

This was my sketch draft for the inspirational portion of the creative project. As I stated in Response 13, “This is a jigsaw puzzle representation of our planet or a globe. I’ve decided to use the traditional green and blue colors because to me, they represent life. Water and plants are two of the main sources of life for all beings on earth. It may be a cheesy attempt, but I am one of those people that pray for world peace. I am inspired by that. I hope for togetherness and unity. I do dream of a world where no one person or a group is in control, and the rest are left suffering. There are all types of people that make this world revolve, and though we may wear different hats, we are all the same. We are all fragile frames of ingenuity. We all have different destinies and purposes, but we are still all here. We don’t know how long we have to spend here, so why not just get along? Why not be more accepting? Many of the labels included on my draft are all social constructs that definitely have nothing to do with content of character.” I also stated that, “Each individual fits exactly where he or she needs to be in this world, and that is a part of the human race, regardless of the labels society has forced us to use for ourselves and others.”



Below is the enhanced version of my draft created using Adobe Fireworks. I was actually very excited to see my sketch come alive. At first I struggled with it because I had no idea how I was going to approach this type of project. I used the elliptical tool to create the shape of the earth, and then I used jigsaw puzzle clip art to create the appearance of a circular jigsaw puzzle. I then colored the puzzle pieces in with green and blue which were also used in my draft. I decided to stick the puzzle in a black background (representing outer space) and also placed the moon, stars, and sun in the background. The moon, stars, and sun represent illumination, and I felt it was great to “shed light” on the fact that planet earth has become more than just a planet where creatures simply exist in nature. In other words, the planet has become an artifact that is political. When we think of our planet, we don’t just think of it in its natural state, we think of war, destruction, hatred, confusion, oppression, control, prejudice, racism, etc. Another reason I decided to use the outer space representation is because human beings can be very arrogant, so I wanted to show that we are mere specks of matter in an universe that holds more than one form of life. When it is all said and done, we’re all human and we’re all mortal, therefore no man should be above the other.


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