Response 13


This is the first draft of my picture, im still deciding on the background color, im thinking of doing a mixture of black and white, since my project in on racism. Also, i chose to put hands on my project of different color races so my project would be colors of nude, orange, black and brown representing the different races. I would want to put statistic, so if can be insightful and informational. I will try not to have white space.


I chose best buy, because best buy is a company where it has monopolized to beat all other companies forcing them to go out of business. such as circuit city and other electronically owned family shops. Best buy claims their items are sold with great intentions to be affordable, but at the same time, a person would pay more to add insurance, and sometimes their items that bought are cheap material that is bought from other companies. So it is best not to buy from there

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  1. Abigale says:

    The sketch you drew about racism is very creative. It shows that you have talent in the arena of drawing. However, I just wasn’t sure what the image was for. Was this for the infographic, the culture jam, or the inspirational piece? I was just a little lost on that, but I do think the drawing is great.

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