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The essay by “John Jordan” is quite interesting, it has many points that is addresses and it makes a point to make each point fully understood by it reader. 聽I had to look up what exactly DiY was so i could understand exactly what he was talking about, once i did i begun to see the point that he was making. DiY or what i found out to mean is Do it聽Yourself can be considered a art when it is done right. The kind of protest that you preform and the point that you want people to understand is important as well as the the desire to make people want to stop and understand what you represent.聽 “John Jordan” states that DiY protest movements break down the barrier between art and protest and i agree a idea has more of a impact when it represents more than just face value.

DiY protest are becoming more popular recently and the idea that you can stand for something and openly protest it in a way that is unique to you. The way you protest something says a lot about you and what you are protesting about. We need to move away from the objective since only when something is personal can we really put our hearts into it. By becoming people who put personal and pragmatic with our politics, then can we truly represent something and bring change.

There are many way to protest something, some are conventional why other make a point to stand out and make people second guess the ideas they have about said topic. People who truly believe in what they are protesting are the people who can put their hearts into an that becomes a form of art.聽 “John Jordan” gives the example of a person that is perched dangerously high on a crane is both is both beautiful and functional. It is something that no matter who you are you can’t help but stop and look up and slowly more people will look up and then a crowd will form and soon everyone in the area will stop to witness the person, it is at that point that the person just by standing there has become both protest and art something that draws people it him/her.

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  1. Josh, let me make a suggestion: go back and post this once it’s ready. Two issues here: concerning the content of your post, it does not appear that you are confident in the point you want to make. It also does not seem that you’ve read the piece. Maybe you have, but the post does not reflect it. Second, the post is full of errors, so even if you did have a strong sense of what you wanted to say, you’d still have to go back. I can’t accept this in its current state.

  2. Abigale says:

    鈥淛ohn Jordan states that DiY protest movements break down the barrier between art and protest and i agree a idea has more of a impact when it represents more than just face value.” I’m assuming that you mean that movements are more valuable when there are people representing it? If so, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Anyone can draw an image or create a detournement and even remain anonymous, but if there is a following, and people can see strength in numbers, then somehow the message becomes clearer and is taken more seriously.

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